About Us


Africa's Edge Safaris is a registered Tour Operator with the Namibian Tourism Board. The core focus of our company is to provide educational, photography and sightseeing tours in the Namib Desert as well as ocean excursions.

Herman Neethling has been involved in the Namibian tourism industry for a number of years after running two petrol service stations in Walvis Bay for 14 years. He has worked closely with a retired nature conservation field-guide, Pieter Brichford who worked in the Namib Naukluft Park for many years. Herman gained extensive experience in his field through conducting a great number of overland tours across Namibia as well as in and around Swakopmund and Walvis Bay.

Our tours are not adrenaline rides and we do not condone wild and reckless driving in the desert areas. We also ensure that we do not drive in vegetated or environmentally and culturally sensitive areas. Visitors also walk on specific parts of the track, and no vegetation, fauna or other features in the desert are disturbed, moved or picked up.

Our tours concentrate on the photographic and educational elements of the desert.