Desert Jewel Tours


  • Day 1

    The Adventure starts at Aus were the group assembles the evening at the Restaurant/Venue(Which we will advise) for dinner and briefing before venturing into the dessert the next day. (Participants have to organise their own accommodation and meals at Aus).

  • Day 2

    Drive west from Aus on the main road to Luderitz it is time to say goodbye to tar roads, starting an adventure of a lifetime. Here we might have a glimpse of the famous desert horses, then our 4x4 adventure starts as we venture deeper into the Namib Desert. Tonight will be expedition camping in the dunes under the African sky.

  • Day 3

    On the second day the trail leads north towards Busmans Paradise. The dunes wil get bigger as we venture deeper into the namib Desert. Bushmans paradise is blend of dune and granite mountains, a photographers dream. The afternoon will be at leisure with a scenic drive. Camping at Bushmans Paradise.

  • Day 4 & 5

    Dunes are getting progressively higher and driver experience and skills acquired during the previous 2 days will be tested and honed to perfection. We are heading to the sea, where will spend the afternoon and the next day fishing (for the pot) and relaxing and swimming. Camping on the beach.

  • Day 6

    The dune belt opens up at Meob bay and it is in this stretch between Meob Bay and Conception Bay that where active diamond mining was in the order of the day during the early 1900’s. At Fishers brunn we will resupply our washing water from a well made by the German diamond prospectors. The Settlements of Holsatia, Charlottenfelder and Grillenberger are visited on the way and the eving will be spend in the area of Conception Bay.

  • Day 7

    From Conception the trail leads north along the beach northwards towards Sandwich Bay. On route the wrecks of the Shawnee are visited. Passing ‘Langewand’ where massive dunes end in the sea, given a very limited time span to negotiate this stretch of beach. After Langewand the trail once again leads into the dunes, circumnavigating the Salt Pans ‘extensions’ of Sandwich Harbour. The dunes are still getting progressively larger to offer an ever changing new experience of ultimate dune driving. From Sandwich the trails enters the ‘Roller Coaster’, a series of massive ‘roaring’ slip faces, not only giving the participants a new thrilling experience but also offering breathtaking views of Sandwich Harbour and a panorama of Sandscapes exiting onto the beach south of Walvis Bay. The trail ends at Walvis Bay after a final 50km stretch of beach driving.

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