Sand Boarding Dune 7



What a Thrill!

Situated along the central coast of Namibia is Dune 7, the highest dune in the coastal dune belt, it is situated 10km outside the town of Walvis Bay. The local municipality has planted palm trees and erected toilets and barbeque sites, fresh water is also available, it is the only man-made oasis in the dune belt.

This site is therefore perfect for sand boarding tours; the dune is approximately 130m high and has a very steep slip-face consisting of soft powder like sand, ideal for sand boarding. A quad bike is used to shuttle boarders to the top of the dune again and again (like a ski-lift). All gear, drinks, fruit and a quad bike is supplied. No experience is needed and you will be instructed by a professional instructor.

If you have old bindings and soft snowboard boots bring them along and we will take you sand boarding free of charge! 

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